Here at Concussion-U, we think it is important for people to have the opportunity to share their experiences with others. We designed Faces of Concussion to empower athletes and allow them to tell their story – a story that is becoming all too common.

This month we are featuring Alex’s story

ConcussionU Blog Alex MacAskill

Here are some stories from other athletes

Ben’s Story

ConcussionU Blog Ben Cameron

Kayla’s Story

ConcussionU Blog Kayla Blackmore

Justin’s Story

ConcussionU Blog Justin Murphy

Matt’s Story

ConcussionU blog Matt Kippenhuck

Molly’s Story

ConcussionU blog Molly MacDermaid

Garrett’s story

ConcussionU Blog Garrett Vincent

David’s story

ConcussionU Blog DBS

Andrew’s story ConcussionU Blog Andrew Pearcey

Brad’s story

ConcussionU Blog Brad YetmanMore to come! If you would like to share your story, send us an email at concussionu@mun.ca

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