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Concussion-U has 3 main goals: Education, Awareness, and Outreach.

Education Some of the risk factors for a concussion include age (people under the age of 18 are at a higher risk than adults), gender (females are at a higher risk than males), playing a high risk sport and a previous history of concussions. Here at Concussion-U we are trying to help provide accessible, up to date information for these populations. We have designed interactive, sports-specific educational presentations to provide young athletes with the information they need to stay safe. If you know a team that might be interested in seeing a Concussion-U presentation, send us an email at

Awareness We want to increase the awareness of sports-related concussions because we believe it is an important factor in health advocacy and promotion. We have created a Website, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account to keep people informed and up to date. If you want to learn more about concussions or what we are doing here at Concussion-U here’s how:

Outreach We want to engage local members of the athletic community and invite those who have suffered a concussion to share their experiences with others. We hope that providing a way for local athletes to share their story will unite and empower these individuals. To see some of the stories we have already featured, check out our testimonials page on our website. If you or someone you know would like to share your experience with concussions and have it featured on our website, send us an email at

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Let’s Help Make Sports Safer for Youth #HeadsUp

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