Concussion-U Conference Update

Concussion Network

The Concussion-U team spent the last two weeks networking with students, researchers, policy makers, physicians and parents. We attended the Atlantic Collaborative for Injury Prevention (ACIP) Conference in Halifax and the Canadian Federation for Neurological Sciences (CFNS) Congress in Toronto. This was a great opportunity to learn from some of the leaders in the field of concussion and share our ideas. We hope to have similar opportunities in the future.

ACIP Conference

Graeme Campbell, David Bradbury-Squires, Justin Murphy, Matt Eagles, Maria Powell (Left to Right) at the ACIP Conference 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

While in Halifax, we spent time learning about risk management and injury prevention. We attended this conference to increase awareness about our group and concussion education. We really enjoyed our time in Halifax and hope to attend the ACIP Conference next year.

While in Toronto, we had the opportunity to meet some of the leading experts in concussion research. Here is Concussion-U’s Matt Eagles with ThinkFirst Canada Founder and Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Laureate, Dr. Charles Tator.


Matt Eagles and Dr. Charles Tator at the CNSF Congress 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

We also presented the preliminary results of our most recent study on the effectiveness of a concussion education program amongst a cohort of Bantam and Midget hockey players. The findings of our study were of great interest to many physicians in the field of Neurology and Neurosurgery. We had a great experience in Toronto and hope to attend the CNSF Congress next year.

Checkout the link below to watch Matt Eagles giving our poster presentation

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